Jan 20, 2010

For a long time i didn't publish anything here but recently my imagination is again busy with this car, Bugatti Type 41 Royale. I start thinking how should look a modern version of this unique beauty may be 5 or 6 years ago....i did a lot of sketches but at one moment i stop, i needed to refresh, and i refresh too long but for good. When i sow my sketches now, i found out they are not so special like it should be for this model...so i decide to start all over again, from scratch...begining with an illustration. It is amazing how many details in a car you can notice just making an illustration and those details are compleating the big image and making me thinking in a new way for this piece of art. I will try to spend enough time at home sketching for it and i hope soon i will have interesting stuff to share with you =)