Feb 22, 2009

Hi everybody!
After so much time, finaly I start my brand new and shiny blog :)
I decide to upload some sketches for a begining . Some are misc sketches made for to practice and fun or for to try some effects in Photoshop. Some of them are from projects I've start before and I want to devolope further like the Honda sport hatchback for an example.

Recently I've start to develope also another one which is catching my imagination for a long time. It's a Deusenberg based on the SJ Mormon Meteor Speedster from 1935. A car which I really like.

I have few other projects which catched up my imagination a long time ago, but I would like to not show for the moment.

Unfortunately I do not have enough time to develope everything I want (and already start) as fast as I want but I will continue and I will be glad to see you comments and critics when I post something new.




sfiazof victor said...

dude! of course u don't have time if youre hanging around the studio all day long :P.. love these sketches and i hope i will see much more from you soon.. sichki risuva!

Deyan Denkov said...

Haha, Thank you! You know very well it is impossible to not stay in the studio so much , I have work to do and the competitors are very good and they will not waiting me ;) Haide toti desinat. :)

Crash Tester said...

Dude, finally you did it! I'm very happy to see your blog active!
Awesome sketches as usual, nice to see them again!
Keep going, dude!

grisha chemeris said...

2 sketch renault - arrrrrh

Anonymous said...

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sumon tripura said...

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